Betsy DeVos: Looking Towards the Future of Education and School Choice

Imagine a school where your child is able to explore a subject in their own way. They can take tangents that lead to more information or work on projects that would serve to spark their imagination, but throughout the process, they are learning valuable lessons about the material that they are studying. They are also in a position where their education has been made a priority for them, instead of a situation where education is more of an obligation. They become excited about the education process and learn easier because it is tailored to them specifically. This is a dream that many parents have for their children, they want them to feel a sense of excitement and wonder when it comes to their learning. Unfortunately, the public-school system is not currently equipped to offer this sensation on a consistent basis. While it is true that there may be intermittent times when children feel an inspiration for the subject or are pushed beyond their limitations to encourage learning, this is not something that is consistent.


For Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, she wants this dream to come true for all Americans. She believes that students have a right to this type of enjoyment out of their education and that it is possible for parents to achieve this for their children in the current climate. Parents just need to understand that they have a choice when it comes to their children’s enrollment options. This notion it has been termed “school choice” and Betsy DeVos is one of the leading advocates for this movement. She believes that students should be given an opportunity to flourish under the tutelage of a knowledgeable mentor instead of floundering under a teacher who has lost the passion for her position. For Betsy DeVos, the business of learning should be more than a paycheck and benefits. She wants professionals that are invigorated by what they do, instead of being pushed down by the confines of a bureaucratic system that is not designed to help them in any kind of way.


She believes that some of the ways to adjust this are by enrolling students in alternative institutions or even homeschooling them. For her, any of these options would allow students to explore a different type of learning style. It could be a time of invigoration and understanding for the students that they would not normally have in a public-school setting. Parents can be instrumental in the way that their children learn and they can even pick up valuable lessons in the real world. These real-world lessons are some of the biggest reasons why Betsy DeVos has been such an advocate for school choice. She sees that children are able to learn on a profound level when the context has been given to them in a more meaningful way for the material. She remains hopeful that all systems will continue to be overhauled, and as Secretary of Education, she is particularly hopeful that the public-school system will continue to change and grow under her care.


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Penelope Kokkinides and Hard-Working Women

Penelope Kokkinides works as the Chief Administrative Officer for a company that’s known simply as Innovacare Health Inc. It’s situated in Fort Lee, New Jersey which is a relatively quick drive to New York, New York. She became part of her firm’s staff yet again in 2015 after leaving it for a little while. This executive has a strong reputation within her field. People respect her so much that she actually got the chance to go to an event that was called “Women in Healthcare.” This was the name of a panel that took place in Washington, D.C. at the White House. Only eight other individuals were in attendance alongside her. Kokkinides represented Innovacare Health, a prominent Medicare Advantage and Medicaid entity. Kokkinides was at the meeting for some highly valid reasons. She was there to talk about federal medical care guidelines. She talked about them with President Donald Trump, first and foremost. She also talked about them with Seema Verma, an administrator who works on CMS. This conversation took place on March 22nd, 2018, a Wednesday. It was in the West Wing’s Roosevelt Room.


This hard-working businesswoman was next to others who have jobs that are like her own. She was next to a number of caregivers as well. She had a lot to say regarding the value of stronger funding practices that pertain to Medicare Advantage in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. There have been substantial reductions in Medicare Advantage funding to the Caribbean locale in recent years. Medicare Advantage happens to be Puerto Rico’s top healthcare plan. This is due to private plans like both PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. These are a pair of sectors that are under the Innovacare umbrella. The meeting revolved heavily around the value of women who are employed within the medical care realm.


Kokkinides is an efficient and dependable woman who has been a big player in her industry for more than 20 years. She’s been part of the healthcare field for years and years now. Government programs are her main area of expertise at work. She knows a lot about all kinds of managed care matters, too. Kokkinides used to have a position with a company known as Centerlight Healthcare. She was at the helm of its managed care department. She guided the way for all matters that involved strategic leading and management overall. Her work background is extensive.


The Story Of OSI Industries Is Also The Successful Story Of An Immigrant To The U.S.A.

In the last decade or so, OSI Industries has continued to grow as a leader in the food industry. From chicken products, pizza, hamburger and hamburger patties, sausage links, and many other kinds of foods, the company offers its clients range of customizable options to satisfy their customers. In 2010, the company opened up a new beef production plant in Japan and two new facilities in India. More recently, OSI expanded into the European market with its purchase of Baho Food and Flagstaff Europe. It also opened up a plant in 2013 in Poland and started a joint venture with EDEKA, which is a Gemran supermarket chain. In 2016, OSI opened up a regional office in the city of Gersthofen, which is in Germany, and the OSI Select Ready Foods brand was created in 2014 through a joint venture with Select Ready Foods in Edmonton, Alberta. Presently, OSI employs more than 20,000 people and operates 65 plants in 17 different countries.

No one would have imagined that OSI Industries would become the global force it is today when it first began. In fact, the company began as a small meat market and butcher shop in the west side of Chicago that was put together by the German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky. It only took ten years or so before his business began to expand, and that expansion saw him get into the wholesale aspect of business. In 1928, he renamed the business Otto & Sons due to the fact that his sons had joined him in the operation. OSI Industries remained an important part of Chicago for many years and then began to expand at a faster pace after the fast food company McDonald’s began to purchase their meat products from it. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. Later on, innovations in the food industry allowed Otto & Sons to begin to store and transport more beef and a new plant was erected that was solely dedicated to the McDonald’s Corporation.

Around the same time period that the McDonald’s plant was built, OSI Industries decided to hire outside help. Before this, the company had been led solely by the two brothers and the father but now needed outside help as it was expanding quickly. They hired Sheldon Lavin, and he began to grow the company even faster. The company constructed its first plant outside of Chicago and built more of them later on. During the late 1970’s and 1980’s OSI built its first global facilities in Germany and Spain. Sheldon took over as the company’s CEO and Chairman in the early 1980’s, and the rest is history.

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Shafik Sachedina And His Role At The Institute Of Ismaili Studies

You may have heard the name Shafik Sachedina connected to the company Sussex Healthcare, but Dr. Shafik Sachedina also plays an important part at The Institute of Ismaili Studies. As the head of the department of Jamati Institutions, he coordinates projects and work from different departments at The Institute of Ismaili Studies.

Located in London, England, Shafik is actively involved in promoting a more positive view of Institute of Ismaili Studies, as well as helping members to have a better understanding of the history of the faith and teaching more about little-known concepts and knowledge pertaining to Islam.

Although he is busy with his role at Sussex Healthcare as joint chairman, he does a lot at The Institute of Ismaili Studies. One of his many activities is traveling around the world to promote the Ismaili Studies objectives and sharing the peaceful side of the faith.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania and ended up getting his degree as a dental doctor at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. This was back in 1975. He also has an office Aiglemont, France where he has a position at the Secretariat of Aga Khan.

Because of his office, he is actively involved with the Aga khan Development Network Programs to help promote the Ismaili studies. Not only does he do a lot for the institute, but he also does a lot for aid and humanitarian help in third world countries.

The Aga Khan and Jamati institutions are dedicated to providing help and volunteers for communities, as it’s a part of their belief and faith and Shafik Sachedina may be one of the most well-known dental surgeons and leads Sussex Healthcare, but that doesn’t take away from his desire to help those who need aid.

From his medical career to his participation with the Ismaili studies, he’s an active individual in his community.

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Betsy DeVos: Empowering Children with Their Education

From the very beginning, the DeVos family has been foundational to the education system in Michigan. Betsy DeVos, who is currently serving as secretary of education for the Trump administration, remembers a time when she had her own children enrolled in the Michigan school system. She remembers speaking with many different parents who felt very uncertain about their children’s standard of education. This uncertainty spurned to them to sacrifice everything to send their children to better schools, where they met Betsy DeVos, and talk about those fears. If these parents were willing to sacrifice so much to send their children to a different institution, then how can anyone say that the public school system is entirely adequate in training America’s youth?


Betsy DeVos does not think so. In fact, she has never thought so and that has spanned her entire career. After she heard the words of these parents, she felt invigorated and motivated to help the change that. First, she participated in an effort to help cover those students costs through a type of scholarship initiative, then she started serving on organizational boards that push for greater types of school choice. While this was her first foray into the world of school choice, it would definitely not be her last. She continues to be the spokesperson for this rapidly evolving movement.


The thing about Betsy DeVos is that when she first began her campaign for the school choice, it was a very taboo subject. People were not interested in changing the way that things were done, they simply wanted their children to go to public school and received the type of education that they also received. The problem is that in many ways this type of education has decreased, meaning that those students are not receiving the standard of education that their parents once received in the very same system. This is a very huge problem, one that Betsy DeVos has been passionate about bringing to the forefront of American minds. There is so much more that parents can do to push for the rights of their children. They themselves may not be aware of their own rights that are being violated by such a lackluster system.


School choice is becoming a more appealing option for parents as time goes on. It is entirely possible that in the coming years it may even grow larger in popularity than sending children into the public-school system. School choice would encompass sending children to anything from a private school to homeschooling them, it is simply placing children in non-traditional school settings or removing them from a school district that they have been assigned to based on nothing more than their ZIP Code. Betsy DeVos believes that this will be what America needs. In order to make America a better type of country, she believes that parents need to start at the foundation of society which is the children. Children should feel as though they are empowered by their education not shackled by it. She will continue to advocate for them.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Of Bradesco Moving On From Being CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served at the Bradesco Bank as his life-long career, and it reached its peak several years ago when he became its Chief Executive Officer and President, and Chairman of the Board. He has appointed a successor since then who started operating in March earlier this year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a successful Brazilian businessman and the former Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco bank. He started his professional career when he was 17 years old, working as a clerk at the bank.

Trabuco Cappi was the third leader of the Bradesco Bank. Before him were the founder of the bank, Amador Aguiar, and Cappi’s predecessor. Trabuco Cappi was chosen to succeed Brandao by the former CEO. That is how all of the leaders have been appointed so far, as that is a part of the tradition of the Bradesco Bank. The company values are lifting their own executives and people who have dedicated decades to the bank and have achieved many contributions instead of bringing in people from other corporation. That preserves the heritage of the Bradesco bank.

From the start, the Bradesco Bank was set to move forward. Many years ago, the bank was the first business in Latin America to buy a computer for the office and then the first banking institution to start using a credit card and introduce it to the public. The Brazilian corporation has been paving the way for others instead of the other way around. That is the legacy of Amador Aguiar, and it still holds true to this day.

Trabuco Cappi worked for 15 years before reaching a more substantial responsibility. He became Marketing Director and then after another 8 years, he was promoted to one of the subsidiaries of the bank as its Chief Executive Officer. His tenure lasted until 1998 when he became the Managing Director of the Bradesco bank. The year after, in 1999, Trabuco Cappi started serving as Executive Vice President of Bradesco and was strongly recognized for his achievements.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working on top of the Bradesco Seguros by 2003. The subsidiary is made up of eight small companies operating in insurance. While the position, Trabuco Cappi curated the ADRs (the bank’s shares) launch on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Another accomplishment during his tenure was that the Bradesco Seguros increased its leadership in the industry considerably and became the solid leader in the country.

After forty years at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was finally promoted to leading the business. Brandao chose him as his successor in 2009. During his tenure, Trabuco Cappi achieved the most significant purchase made by the bank, leading the acquisition of the HSBC in Brazil in 2015. That was also the most extensive business deal of that year in Brazil. Last year, Trabuco Cappi became President and Chairman of the Board, after Lazaro Brandao moved on from the positions. Trabuco Cappi was replaced by his successor of choice in March 2018.

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Talk Fusion: Increasing sales and profits using the new video emailing app

If you have been in the marketing industry for a while, then you have probably heard of Talk Fusion. It is one of the leading companies in the field of video communications. The company was launched ten years ago and it has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Talk Fusion is now available in more than 143 companies and it is one of the companies that is producing a lot of innovative and revolutionary products.


As it stands, many people are shifting to video communications since it is faster, more convenient, persuasive and even cheaper. Freelancers, business people and other modern internet users like hiding behind letters, phone calls, emails and IM. However, in the next few years, close to 95 percent of the communication will be done via videos. This leaves people and businesses with no other option than to follow the trend.


Talk Fusion

When it was being established, Talk Fusion was among the few companies that were breaking into the new video communication niche. Bob Reina, a renowned American businessman is the brains behind the superb idea. Bob Reina emerged from the blues and started a company that is now changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. He has been in the marketing industry for two decades where he worked as a part-time marketing officer


Talk Fusion products

Talk Fusion products are becoming popular by the day. The main products of the company are video blogging, video email, and video broadcasting. The products seek to revolutionize the way businesses go about their daily activities.

It is well-known that an average individual receives numerous emails every month from different companies who are trying to market their products. Unfortunately, most of the people rarely open these emails or they mark them as spam. Therefore, is hard for an average company to survive the cut-throat competition while using the typical promotional techniques.


Talk Fusion offers businesses to customize and personalize their advertisement messages and send them to their contact in the form of a video. With the Talk Fusion app, you can send video postings, video newsletters, or even one-on-one video broadcasting to one or several contacts on your mailing list.

To send the message, you will need the Talk Fusion app. The app is available on Google Play store for Android users and iTunes for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. The video can be captured by a device or a webcam and then sent to the contacts.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a modern video marketing company with a lot to offer to both small and large businesses. Their app contains many innovative features that enable businesses to create and share marketing videos and capture leads. The company is headed by a highly experienced marketing executive, Bob Reina. Learn more:

Clay Siegall is a scientist, author, and exceptional corporate leader.

Clay Siegall is a scientist, author, and exceptional corporate leader.

Clay Siegall is a phenomenal leader, a trained scientist and a philanthropist with his focus mainly on research and developing pharmaceuticals to alleviate the pain for cancer patients. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and currently serving as the chairman of the board, the President of the company, and Chief Executive Officer. Seattle Genetics was launched in 1998 with a vision of employing innovative practices in drug development and research focusing on the needs of the patients. Much of credit is pointed towards Clay Siegall for overseeing the company through their FDA approval of the flagship drug a product of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), ADCETRIC. Also, Seattle Genetics entered into an alliance with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and their partnership has led to the drug ADCETRIS to be an international brand approved across over 65 countries in the world. Another significant leap that the company has taken under the watch of Clay Siegall is the calculated multiple licensing of their ADC technology. The move to acquire various licensing for ADC generated for Seattle Genetics more than $350 million and still counting. Clay Siegall also vehemently led the capital raising activities for Seattle Genetics raising over $1.2 billion using strategies such as private and public funding and the company going public in 2001. Clay Siegall has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for an extended period especially those venturing in the field of oncology. Bristol-Myers Squibb Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and the National Institute of Health and Cancer are among the places Clay Siegall has previously worked. The work and efforts of Clay Siegall have been recognized over the years, and he has received numerous awards one of the outstanding of all is the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year Award. Clay Siegall was presented with the merits for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences for the year 2013. Clay Siegall holds 15 patents under his name and has also written more than 70 publications. Clay Siegall though his outstanding educational background having got his Ph.D. in the field of genetics from the University of George Washington, he remains a humble man and tries to learn new things.

Dick DeVos – Recap Article

Dick DeVos was recently appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new civilian council. DeVos joins 12 other members who will advise on policy, budget, long-term planning, and regulations for the aviation industry. The Management Advisory Council brings together transportation policymakers, aviation workers, and business leaders.


For DeVos, working in the business of aviation is a dream come true. As an aviation enthusiast, he has worked with airlines already and joined the CEO of Gerald R. Ford airport in a $45 million makeover project. The renovations came after years of DeVos working business magic to help the airport evolved from a late 1990s slump.


Even in his early years before becoming the President of Amway, Dick DeVos was working to support businesses in his hometown. He saw opportunity to grow Grand Rapids by looking at the airport and partnering up with business leaders who supposed a strong downtown business district. While most people don’t know this, DeVos organized Grand Action, a committee that brought together business leaders from downtown to create some of the most prominent city organizations and business buildings in Grand Rapids.


His work with the Gerald R. Ford airport is legendary. In the early 2000s, DeVos saw that the Grand Rapids airport was failing to bring in traffic like other airports. He saw potential to create a business traveler’s paradise airport. He worked with Air Tran Airways to build new terminals and bring in new flights. He also worked with Southwest CEO when the company bought Air Tran Airways to save the terminals that had been added under Air Tran. At the time, Southwest was considering shudder multiple terminals, including those at the Gerald R. Ford Airport.


For these reasons, he has become one of the most prominent business figures in the aviation industry. His ideas and strategies have helped the airport grow to become a business destination. The new makeover will add a business center, new terminals, food court, and technological upgrades which are in great need for the airport.


DeVos has also contributed to aviation through philanthropy and education. He has built an aviation school on the Gerald R. Ford grounds to inspire and educate students who want to become pilots. As a pilot himself, he knows how much fun and enjoyable it can be to work in the field of aviation.


In addition, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has given away over $134 million to cultural projects, businesses, education, healthcare, family services, and much more in the state of Michigan. While Grand Rapids is surely their home, they have also contributed to education on a much larger school, creating scholarships for kids in need and supporting charter schools in several states.


As Betsy DeVos continues to lead the education effort, Dick DeVos now joins her in Washington to help the aviation industry.


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Enhanced Athlete Proves Worth After Lawsuit Win Against Nutrition Distribution

It is well-known fact that “Dr. Tony Huge” or otherwise known as Anthony Hughes is the brand ambassador of Enhanced Athlete, a sports nutrition brand. Enhanced Athlete was under the scrutiny of the United States and European authorities as an opponent company called Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit about Charles Anthony Hughes’ rightful position in the company. The opposing company Nutrition Distribution is claiming that Dr. Tony Huge holds an integral position in the company, and not just merely a brand ambassador for Enhanced Athlete.


The opposition filed by lawyer Robert Tauler and Tauler Smith, for Nutrition Distribution, stated that Enhanced Athlete did not let Charles Anthony Hughes appear for a deposition last January 19, 2018. According to them, this was required by law, especially if the person being referred to holds a position in the company. However, these are just claims which are far from the truth, as Anthony Hughes or “Dr. Tony Huge” is clearly an unpaid brand ambassador and should not be compelled to appear for a deposition.


Enhanced Athlete claimed in the court documents that they cannot ask Dr. Tony Huge to appear for a deposition in California or in any other part of the country. Being a brand ambassador, they have no right to instruct Mr. Hughes to go back to the United States or ask him to appear in court hearings. This was discussed on February 1, where Enhanced Athlete cleared Dr. Tony Huge’s role for the company. According to them, he is not a managing agent as a matter of law and does not receive compensation for promoting their products.


This resulted in a clarification of Dr. Tony Huge’s role in Enhanced Athlete and winning the lawsuit for the company. Nutrition Distribution cannot make further claims about Dr. Tony Huge’s role as Enhanced Athlete justified by law that he is merely a promoter of their products.



About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a sports nutrition company that offers several products to help body-builders and sports enthusiasts improve their performance and overall body composition. Their tagline is to “Build muscles, Burn Fat and Increase Performance”. Known as a top provider of nutritional items, they have been well-known over the country for their quality products and services.


Enhanced Athlete also has a sister company Enhanced Coaching which provides fitness coaching services to tackle custom goals for each client. Enhanced Gear is another affiliated company that provides workout clothes and accessories for fitness needs.