Kim Dao, young and successful

Kim Dao, a Vietnamese Australian, is a YouTuber and blogger as well as having a large influence on social media. Her favorite subjects and therefore expertise lie mostly in makeup, fashion, and travel, to name a few. Dao studied psychology and Japanese in the University of Western Australia, where she earned her degree. During her first trip to Japan in 2011, Dao began a blog, the Kim Dao Blog, after falling in love with the country and its culture. She makes videos for YouTube and writes posts to keep track of her numerous journeys.


While the Kim Dao blog was originally made to be something like a digital journal of her many travels around the world, it quickly became a very popular site for those looking for both exciting stories of travels and details of the country Dao has moved to – Japan. When Dao realized how far the blog could go, she began expanding it so it would include not only records of her travels but some of her other interests as well – fashion, makeup, and popular culture. Learn more:


The Kim Dao blog took off and Dao’s fanbase grew at an exceedingly fast pace, so she created a YouTube channel for her readers in addition to being very active on various social media sites. Because of her well-liked persona and steadily rising popularity, Dao has worked with many notable brands, such as Amore Pacific, Etude House, Liz Lisa and more. Dao has also been shown on Japanese television outlets. Learn more: