Securus Technologies employs respected officer in effort to spread Wireless Containment System use

Robert Johnson first became a corrections officer shortly after graduating from high school. He was assigned to one of the state of Florida’s toughest maximum security prisons, a job that many new corrections officers shied away from accepting.


Over the course of his first few years, he proved himself to be able to handle any job his supervisors tasked him with. He had an easy, self-assured way with the inmates but was firm at the same time, exactly the type of personality that prison administrators look for in a long-term corrections officer.


By the time he had been working for the Department of Corrections for a decade, Johnson had moved up to the highest post that a corrections officer can have without joining the administration staff. He was a member of an elite team used throughout the state of Florida in its toughest prisons. Known as SERT, which stands for Special Emergency Response Team, the unit is tasked with carrying out the most dangerous missions in the prison system, things that other corrections officers simply do not have the training, expertise or physical strength and intimidation factor to carry out.


Part of Johnson’s role on the elite team was the routine conducting of random cell searches. Also known as shakedowns, these searches involve the forced removal of all cell occupants and a complete search and inventory of all cell items. They can be extremely dangerous for officers, as inmates caught off guard may frantically try to flush contraband or fight to protect their belongings.


Johnson was on one of these searches when he discovered a package secreted beneath an inmate’s bunk. The large package contained a powder substance that was later determined to be high-purity heroin in the prison’s evidence lab. It was estimated that the drugs had a street value of approximately $50,000, meaning that their value within the prison may have been a quarter of a million dollars or more. Within a prison, this amount of money can be viewed as equivalent to tens of millions of dollars on the outside.


Word quickly spread that Johnson was the officer responsible for the bust. The gang to whom the heroin was to be delivered was enraged by the fact that Johnson could not be bought off. Using a contraband cell phone, one of the gang leaders ordered a hit on Johnson. One morning, as the inveterate CO was dressing for work, a gunman broke down his front door, stormed in and shot Johnson six times at nearly point-blank range.


Miraculously, Johnson survived. Today, he travels the country on behalf of Securus Technologies, demonstrating the company’s Wireless Containment Solution, which can completely eliminate illegal cell phones within prisons. If the system would have been installed where Johnson worked, he likely never would have been shot.


THE BEST TV SHOW, NewsWatch TV Reviews

NewsWatch TV Testimonials

We can all attest to how much technology has changed our lives. Thanks to modern technology, people can sit down at home and keep up with world affairs or their favorite movie on their televisions. However, there are so many television shows to choose from, and it can be difficult to settle on a show that suits you. Fortunately, NewsWatch has made this easy. This television show covers world affairs professionally and competently. They are all about their customers and consumers and seek to maximize their experience.


NewsWatch works with big brands to get the right message at the right time to their target audience. They believe that the viewer is very significant and has a policy in place to listen and put into consideration the viewers’ needs. However, they try to balance between what the audience wants to hear and what the network wants to say to boost their sales.


About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a television show that airs on the AMC Network. This show primarily features consumer news, mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, public service announcement, and government news, breaking medical news, and editorial and sponsored consumer electronic reviews. Originally released in 1990, the show has become a favorite for many people. Its headquarters are in Washington D.C. However, it has several other offices in different cities including New York City, Denver, Fairfax, and VA.


The face of this show is a group of experienced media personalities namely Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridge and Michelle Ison. Because of the success, it is receiving, NewsWatch has not gone unrecognized. It is a recipient of several awards such as the Gold and Platinum 2017 Marcom Award. They also won the videographer Award in 2017.In 2016, the show won the Silver Telly Award. NewsWatch continues to attract customers from different demographic because of its broad range of coverage.


Academy of Art University Drives the Future of Fashion, Art and Design

New York Fashion Week is an illustrious event that showcases rare and unique talent of designers from all walks of life. Academy of Art University was part of the 21st showcase of the New York Fashion Week held on Sept 9th at Skylight Clarkson Square. The art and design school produced ten recent BFA and MFA graduates who launched five womenswear and two menswear collections with collaborations among them.



The designers harmonized and brought together a runway collection that was unveiled during the show. The singularity of the collection was impressive as it consisted of deeply inspired ideas and techniques of the diverse designers. The successful showcase was a representation of future trends in fashion.



Academy of Art University is a privately held for profit design school in San Francisco, California. It was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. The institution has been passed down to Elisa Stephens under whose leadership and guidance it has attained admirable achievements. It has a large student population of about 12,000 who are equaled to the qualified fulltime and part-time teachers. The school is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges alongside certification from relevant bodies regulating the courses offered like architecture.



The design school offers diverse associate, bachelors and master’s degrees in 25 subjects within an allotted time period. The lessons are aimed at expanding knowledge and creativity in art and design for forging a new brand of professionals in the industry. It helps students realize their dreams and be mentored towards successful careers. The school has over time modeled phenomenon figures in art and design who are an inspiration to the upcoming artists. Academy of Art University nature talents focusing on future trends of the dynamic industry and holistic growth of students through sports interactions.



Academy of Art University is an institution dedicated to students’ welfare and growth. It is actively involved in planned school calendar events in fashion and art. It has mentored award-winning alumni over the years and looks to elevate more students in their endeavors. The institution helps students expand their creativity and experience through informative and life altering sessions.


Worldwide Asset eXchange with Malcolm Casselle

People wishing to join business may hesitate due lack of proper plans. Before people start manufacturing goods, they need to understand the market well. Many people fail in business when it comes to the marketing of products. Having produced a lot of goods and there are no prospective customers may lead a lot of wastage. World Wide Asset eXchange is among the organizations assisting people to market their products. With the help of this group people now can adversity their goods online.

Business people only need to post their goods on this platform. After displaying the products, people will know begin to bid for a price. The highest bidder is always the winner and gets the item. Worldwide Asset eXchange enables people to sell their products abroad. Before this platform was introduced, people could spend a lot fee to market or sell their goods outside.

Worldwide Asset eXchange is now decentralized and accessible to many people. This is to ensure that its clients can manage to get the organization services with ease. Worldwide Asset eXchange mainly deals with marketing of virtue game assets. The organization uses tokenization which enables ownership of the virtual assets, creating a new, more accessible economy with the potential to expand in physical assets.

The most significant challenge in tokenization of an asset is determining of how to monitor tokens on the blockchain are always linked to their respective assets. The exchange process depends on the responsibility of the users in transporting of items called Transfer Agents. Guilds are the supervisory committee delegated to ensure that transfer agents work efficiently.

The two bodies transfer agent and Guilds must work hand in hand to ensure prosperity. Failure of one body can affect the whole organization. The two agencies assure that transaction are made in a right manner, and there is no computer hacking which can lead to loss of money.

Malcolm Casselle is the current president of the Worldwide Asset eXchange and also the CIO of OPSkins. Malcolm was also the president of CTO. Malcolm has assisted many industries to start using digital methods of production. This has made him be one the famous business people. Malcolm assisted the company to raise millions of money.