Doe Deere, Lime Crime Founder

Doe Deere is the world’s beauty unicorn queen of colors. She originally comes from Russia but was brought up in New York. She attended a fashion design course in New York and later established her own company called Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere was among the first victorious women entrepreneurs to have her own online makeup company in 2008. Currently, Dee does business from Los Angeles, California and devotes herself to developing daringly colorful and malice-free cosmetics, vegan and certified. The products that Lime Crime offers include loose pigments, eye-shadow palettes, nail polish, rainbow-colored liquid liners, criminally desirable lipsticks and sparkly lip gloss.

Dee started by devising and creating a personal clothing design. This was an online autonomous clothing line. Dee wanted something to compliment her own clothing line and so she came up with the makeup idea. However, Dee could not get the colors she desired and this motivated her to start making the colors herself. Dee loves two particular things in life, makeup and fairy tales. It is these two that encourage her imagination, malice-free cosmetics brand. The mascot of Lime Crime is a unicorn and it reflects rare beauty, individuality and sympathetic gentleness toward animals. The typical color of the brand is purple as it displays creativity.

DEE makes her money from the sale of her company products that are currently in retail stores internationally and in America. Her products are also sold through online platforms. It took Dee a year to start making profits from her business. Initially, her company’ s original collection included glitter, various kinds of blush, eye shadow, fine brushes, and primers before launching the makeup line in 2008. The collection had started with only 12 US dollars.

Dee got her first customer through presenting her makeup tutorials. This helped in showing the customers on how to use the makeup. Moreover, she took part in online contests to market her products. In addition to this, she had giveaways of fantasy-style accessories and makeup. All these led to the brand creating a strong follower base. Currently, the brand has more than 3 million Instagram followers.

Dee always gets product feedback from online users as well as friends and from the office. Through these feedbacks, Dee is aware of what the customers think about the products. Moreover, this feedback helps the brand to grow and develop products according to the specifications of customers. For instance, some customers will express their desires about what they want and this pushes Dee and the group to come up with what the customer wants. Dee responds to the customers through advertising campaigns as well as social media.

According to Dee, beauty is something that is supposed to make one feel happy. People should always use colors that inspire them as well as transforming them. The colors that one uses should be able to bring out the best of that person. Furthermore, Dee claims that it is important to offers such products that have not been offered to the market before or a better version of the products. Dee is looking forward to creating more colors for her collection for generation Z in particular.


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