Betsy DeVos: Looking Towards the Future of Education and School Choice

Imagine a school where your child is able to explore a subject in their own way. They can take tangents that lead to more information or work on projects that would serve to spark their imagination, but throughout the process, they are learning valuable lessons about the material that they are studying. They are also in a position where their education has been made a priority for them, instead of a situation where education is more of an obligation. They become excited about the education process and learn easier because it is tailored to them specifically. This is a dream that many parents have for their children, they want them to feel a sense of excitement and wonder when it comes to their learning. Unfortunately, the public-school system is not currently equipped to offer this sensation on a consistent basis. While it is true that there may be intermittent times when children feel an inspiration for the subject or are pushed beyond their limitations to encourage learning, this is not something that is consistent.


For Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, she wants this dream to come true for all Americans. She believes that students have a right to this type of enjoyment out of their education and that it is possible for parents to achieve this for their children in the current climate. Parents just need to understand that they have a choice when it comes to their children’s enrollment options. This notion it has been termed “school choice” and Betsy DeVos is one of the leading advocates for this movement. She believes that students should be given an opportunity to flourish under the tutelage of a knowledgeable mentor instead of floundering under a teacher who has lost the passion for her position. For Betsy DeVos, the business of learning should be more than a paycheck and benefits. She wants professionals that are invigorated by what they do, instead of being pushed down by the confines of a bureaucratic system that is not designed to help them in any kind of way.


She believes that some of the ways to adjust this are by enrolling students in alternative institutions or even homeschooling them. For her, any of these options would allow students to explore a different type of learning style. It could be a time of invigoration and understanding for the students that they would not normally have in a public-school setting. Parents can be instrumental in the way that their children learn and they can even pick up valuable lessons in the real world. These real-world lessons are some of the biggest reasons why Betsy DeVos has been such an advocate for school choice. She sees that children are able to learn on a profound level when the context has been given to them in a more meaningful way for the material. She remains hopeful that all systems will continue to be overhauled, and as Secretary of Education, she is particularly hopeful that the public-school system will continue to change and grow under her care.


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