Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer and founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management firm. Since it was founded in 2009 Sahm Adrangi has been directly involved in the development of the firm’s aspects. He began the company with less than $1 million but the firm as of July 2017 manages about $150 million.Through his publishing research and short selling, he has managed to share a lot of opinions about the stocks which are greatly misinterpreted by the market.These include the overhyped shorts and under followed longs about the market.The research of Kerrisdale is aimed to correct the widely misplaced facts about the fundamental business prospects of companies. The research is shared on Twitter, Kerrisdale Capital website and other sites of third-party investing.

In 2010 and 2011 Sahm Adrangi became known for exposing Chinese companies that were fraudulent. These included Lihua International, China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics among others. Some of his targets through the Securities and Exchange Commission were subjected to enforcement action by the commission.These were ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance. Sharing research on a wide scale about industries and companies has been the main objective of Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi in the recent years has focused the efforts of the firm in specific areas where Kerrisdale has a lot of expertise developed.This includes the sector of biotechnology where the firm has had the research published about development stage companies. These include Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Unilife and Sage Therapeutics among others. The sector of mining has also been a focus area. Sahm Adrangi questioned the market valuation and mining prospects of several resources companies. These include Northern Dynasty Minerals, First Majestic Silver among others.

Skeptical views and reports have also been published about the telecommunication sector. Some of the companies in this sector include; ViaSat, Dish Network, Straight Path Communications and Globalstar.In 2014 through multiple articles, webcast and live presentation Sahm Adrangi exposed the weaknesses of Terrestrial Low Power Service(TLPS) of Globalstar. This was followed by a series of letters to the FCC and also a meeting. Furthermore, Mr. Adrangi is also an activist in several investments. In 2013 he challenged the management of Lindsay Corporation to maximize capital allocation and cash deployment policies of the company. In addition, in 2014 through a proxy contest, several of Morgans Hotel Group directors were replaced. Two of the directors that came from his slate were elected to office.

Mr. Adrangi has appeared in major publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal among others. He has also been a speaker addressing many conferences such as the Value Investing Conference, The Distressed Debt Investing Conference among many other conferences.

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