David Samadi: Prostate Cancer Basics to Keep in Mind

Mitt Romney is an American politician who has been in the scene for some time now. The businessman was vying for the presidential position under the Republican Party, and he did not win in the elections. Just recently, Mitt Romney shocked his supporters in the international community because of the news he shared. According to Romney, he had to undergo a very traumatizing experience last summer when he realized that he had a growing tumor. Doctors had to operate on him to remove the tumor which was in the prostate glands. This experience has left many people talking about their health. Prostate cancer has become very common among Americans in the recent times. The disease is claiming the lives of many men in the country, especially those who are not lucky to get their treatment early.

David Samadi is a respected oncology expert who understands this form of cancer, and he recently spoke about the problems being faced by Mitt Romney. At the moment, Romney is working as the chief of urology at an institution that is known as Lenox Hill. Samadi is also serving as the chief of robotic surgery in an institution that is very popular in New York City. After dealing with so many cancer patients in his entire career, the businessman had discovered the following facts about prostate cancer.

  • First of all, prostate cancer develops in men who are older. According to a study conducted by David Samadi, more than sixty percent of prostate cancer patients are past the age of sixty five. People who have not yet attained the age of forty will rarely get the medical condition. By the time he was getting the disease, Romney was turning seventy years of age.
  • When an individual had been discovered to have this form of cancer, they are allowed to choose the type of treatment they will have. Some individuals will choose to have radiation while others will choose surgery. Before making a decision, the patient should understand the benefits and cons of the form of treatment. The doctor who is treating the patient should take time and explain these treatment options so that the patients does not regret the decision they made several years later. David Samadi is always patient when dealing with the people living with the condition, and he gives them the advice required before making that crucial decision. Mitt Romney chose to have surgery when he realized that he had a tumor, and the results of the treatment are great.

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