Enhanced Athlete Proves Worth After Lawsuit Win Against Nutrition Distribution

It is well-known fact that “Dr. Tony Huge” or otherwise known as Anthony Hughes is the brand ambassador of Enhanced Athlete, a sports nutrition brand. Enhanced Athlete was under the scrutiny of the United States and European authorities as an opponent company called Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit about Charles Anthony Hughes’ rightful position in the company. The opposing company Nutrition Distribution is claiming that Dr. Tony Huge holds an integral position in the company, and not just merely a brand ambassador for Enhanced Athlete.


The opposition filed by lawyer Robert Tauler and Tauler Smith, for Nutrition Distribution, stated that Enhanced Athlete did not let Charles Anthony Hughes appear for a deposition last January 19, 2018. According to them, this was required by law, especially if the person being referred to holds a position in the company. However, these are just claims which are far from the truth, as Anthony Hughes or “Dr. Tony Huge” is clearly an unpaid brand ambassador and should not be compelled to appear for a deposition.


Enhanced Athlete claimed in the court documents that they cannot ask Dr. Tony Huge to appear for a deposition in California or in any other part of the country. Being a brand ambassador, they have no right to instruct Mr. Hughes to go back to the United States or ask him to appear in court hearings. This was discussed on February 1, where Enhanced Athlete cleared Dr. Tony Huge’s role for the company. According to them, he is not a managing agent as a matter of law and does not receive compensation for promoting their products.


This resulted in a clarification of Dr. Tony Huge’s role in Enhanced Athlete and winning the lawsuit for the company. Nutrition Distribution cannot make further claims about Dr. Tony Huge’s role as Enhanced Athlete justified by law that he is merely a promoter of their products.



About Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is a sports nutrition company that offers several products to help body-builders and sports enthusiasts improve their performance and overall body composition. Their tagline is to “Build muscles, Burn Fat and Increase Performance”. Known as a top provider of nutritional items, they have been well-known over the country for their quality products and services.


Enhanced Athlete also has a sister company Enhanced Coaching which provides fitness coaching services to tackle custom goals for each client. Enhanced Gear is another affiliated company that provides workout clothes and accessories for fitness needs.