Securus Technologies Releases Evidence of Its Ability to Delight Its Customers

The activities of Securus Technologies are guided by its desire to connect what matters. The company employs the latest technology to connect family and friends to their incarcerated loved ones through the use of superior communication services. Securus Technologies is the number one provider of inmate communications, and therefore utilizes this capacity to help in the maintenance of relationships between inmates and their family and friends. The company provides inmate calling options, as well as video visitation services where users can communicate via PCs, Tablets, and Apple and Android Smartphone.


Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and is currently serving over 3400 agencies operating in the public safety, corrections, and law enforcement, as well as more than 1.2 million inmates in the different parts of North America.


On October 21, 2016, Securus Technologies published part of the feedback received from its customers on PR Newswire. However, the feedback is only a sample of comments picked from the email communications and formal letters received from jail and prison officials across the United States. The feedback is mainly from the officials tasked with preventing crimes and offering viable solutions for improving the safety and operations of the incarceration environment. Particular references to the counties, states, and names of facilities were redacted from the comments so as to safeguard the interest of the innocent.


Securus Technologies has helped customers achieve the following:

Utilize phone information to obtain search warrants for the corrupt members of staff, followed by arrests if substantial evidence is discovered

Attain effective inmate monitoring, especially the ones suspected of engaging in criminal activities (either inside the jail/prison or with parties outside the correction facilities)

Firms have placed full reliance on the products and services designed by Securus Technologies, for more than a decade

Customers are impressed with the company’s vision which is continuously helping to improve the security posture of jails, and the relevant investigations

Reporting data has enhanced the proactive measures of monitoring and preventing possible incidences of contraband in the correction facilities.

Securus Technologies and The Boogie Man

Securus Technologies is a remarkable company that extends its reach over lots of territories. It is a leading communications company that provides services to over 3,400 clients consisting of correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. Over 1.2 million incarcerated individuals rely on Securus to keep them connected on a daily basis with their families and friends.


Several calling plans are available for iPhones, Android, tablets, and ordinary landline phones. Plans include direct billing, prepaid plans, inmate debit, where the inmate pays for the calls himself, and collect calling.


A very popular plan is the video calling plan. This allows both parties to the call to be able to view one another if a webcam is present on both ends. Video calling can save a trip to the institution where the inmate is housed and the waiting in line to see a loved one.


In recent months a competitor, GTL had been disseminating false information and lay about how much better the GTL services were than what Securus had to offer. The distortion level was above the moon and the truth was not there. Over the airwaves and in their advertising, GTL was pulling the ultimate scam.


Securus decided to reign in the boogyman and offered a challenge to GTL. With the help of a disinterested third party, Securus suggested that both companies publicly compare their metrics with their servicing results and prices. Then let the chips fall where they may, and let the public see actual results.


Once the challenge was announced, the other side fell silent as if they had disappeared. Finally, after a few weeks, GTL quietly declined to participate in the challenge. Securus expected this reaction because the truth always wins out.


It would be preposterous to assume that a company the size of Securus could maintain its growth and industry leading pricing and customer service if they were anywhere close to the falsifications GTL was putting forth in the public domain.