Pure Profits From Freedom Checks

When it comes to investing it is easy to get drawn into sectors where all the hot money is piling into. Many investors have gotten so used to chasing growth stories in the market and have completely ignored dividend investing as a potential investment strategy. Investors who continue to utilize dividend investing may want to investigate Freedom Checks. This investment strategy is great for dividend investors who are seeking high yields. Matt Badiali is a financial advisor who made investing in Freedom Checks seem like the newest investment strategy on Wall Street. However, some very intelligent investors have been taking advantage of this strategy for decades and have been profiting handsomely.

An investor can start receiving Freedom Checks if they invest in a “Master Limited Partnership”. These companies can operate tax free investment if they earn most of their revenues from domestic natural resources and they must pay very lucrative investment dividends to their shareholders.Investors wise enough to invest in MLPs are awarded several advantages that they simply can’t get from other investments. MLPs pay larger distributions than average dividend-paying companies. This could mean an investor can enjoy a fantastic income stream. Another major advantage is that an MLP will pass off its tax advantages to its shareholders. When they pay distributions, the shareholders do not have to pay any income taxes. The shareholder is only obligated to pay income taxes if they sell their MLP shares and realize a profit.

About Freedom Checks may prove to be even more profitable in the years to come. Matt Badiali is anticipating much higher oil prices in the future. Most MLPs operate in the oil and gas industry and higher oil prices may end up making MLPs a hot area to invest in. Higher oil is going to mean higher profits for these companies. Since one of the stipulations is paying most of the profit to the shareholders, higher profits are going to translate into higher distributions for shareholders. Most of these MLPs will realize a higher share price when they achieve even higher profitability. Investors should perform their own due diligence to determine if Freedom Checks will be a positive addition to their a financial portfolio.

Softbank acquires Fortress Investment Group

Since its launching in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has been a role model to other companies in the investment management industry. The company was founded in 1998 by three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman – who retired in 2012-. Formerly, they worked in the financial sector for firms such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, BlackRock Financial Management, and UBS. The company welcomed two key management officials in 2002, Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger who were formerly working for Goldman Sachs. Starting from 2006, the company made several acquisitions including the Penn National Gaming, the Canadian Company Intrawest, RailAmerica, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress Investment Group was recorded as the first private equity firm to go public in the New York Stock Exchange, with other companies such as Apollo Global Management, Oaktree Capital Group, Ares Management, Carlyle Group and Och-Ziff Capital Management Group coming in tow. Fortress Investment Group acquired AIG’s American General Financial Services, later re-branded to Springleaf Financial Services. The company flourished to open other headquarters in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Recently, a Japanese banking giant Softbank Group Corporation acquired Fortress Investment group at the cost of $3.3 billion. The amount was divided among the co-founders according to their ratios of investment. Fortress continues to operate as an independent entity in New York with the workforce, and the principals retained. Softbank Group manages great portfolios in the telecommunications, artificial intelligence, smart robotics, internet services, and clean-energy technology. Softbank is dedicated to investing and supporting the next stage of Information Revolution, with the acquisition of Fortress being the strategic action to the addition of investment proficiency. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group continues to specialize in the investment sector. Presently, the company operates in three main sectors, Private Equity, Permanent Capital Vehicles, and the Credit division – initiated in 2002 and headed by Peter Briger. The Credit division comprises of several firms including Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds, Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds, Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, Fortress Credit Opportunities Funds, Fortress Japan Income Fund, Drawbridge Long Dated Value Funds, Fortress Secured Lending Fund, and Drawbridge Real Asset Funds. The company has significant holdings in its Private Vehicles division and the Permanent Capital Vehicles division. Click here


Freedom Checks are Legitimate and Legal Investment Programs that have Government Support

Recent news highlight a growing popularity about Freedom Checks, a commercial and investment programs that a significant number of individuals have already benefited from. The program highlights a significant number of individuals have already received some payouts. However, a large number of people around the country are not understanding the concept behind this form of payments. The information provided through the radio commercial has not been clear for any individual out there to understand.

Freedom Checks have become a common investment opportunities for people nowadays. They are genuine investment programs that are giving an opportunity for people to get returns from their investments without the necessity to pay taxes. The only problem is that a significant number of individuals who think that these form of investment is a scam. However, a large number of people have already received their payouts, which eliminates all fears about legitimacy.

Further legitimacy of the Freedom Checks can be gained from a significant number of videos and magazine articles, which shows a significant number of people who have benefited from the program giving their testimonies. The videos indicate that there is an opportunity that a person will get high rewards after investing in this program. The main attraction that should convince a person to join this program is that there is no need to pay taxes.

Master Limited Partnership is the company behind this investment program. The company has been helping individuals to invest in local companies that create wealth by extracting, processing, and even transporting natural resources. The amount that individuals get in form of returns is not subject to any form of taxation. Moreover, there is a government subsidy such that people will get the funds with some additional income that they were not expecting.

The bottom line behind the whole argument is that Freedom Checks are real investment programs that individuals should consider if they have free money that they are considering to invest. This is not a get rich quick program that is getting attention through the online platform. It is a legitimate business that has legal foundations and is fully recognized and supported by the government of the United States.

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Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali

Freedoms checks are covered by statute 26 U.S. Code § 7704 and were introduced by Matt Badiali in 2016 and are also known as Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks. They refer to a tax-free mode of investment that is supported by the USA federal law. Matt Badiali is of the view that Freedom Checks help reduce the risks that are linked with investments. Unlike other investment, there are reduced risks and taxation which offers huge capital gains to the investors. They require that the investor makes an initial deposit which offers periodic gains. Nonetheless, these checks are only provided in master limited partnerships.

Background Details on Master Limited partnerships

Master Limited partnerships are limited to the real estate and the energy sector. They are designed to ensure that corporations in the two sectors attain consistent capital flow. MLPs enjoy the features of both a private and publicly traded organizations. MLPs require that the investors receive more than 90% of the capital gains. Moreover, taxation is made on the capital gains but the sale of the shares. According to Matt Badiali, the America energy sector is likely to experience improved growth in the coming years. Acquiring freedom cheeks from the American energy sector would thus offer huge returns in the coming years. The trend is linked to the fact that there has been an increase in the demand for energy products and also a decline in the level of imports.

Brief Information on Trump Bonus Checks

Mike Burnick introduced Trump Bonus Checks and promotes the mode of investment to veterans who have served in the USA armed forces. Burnick argues that the veterans are entitled to the Trump Bonus Checks due to their patriotism to the country. He offers an invitation to an annual newsletter where he recommends ways through which people can claim their checks. They can thus be defined as being dividends that one makes after investing some amounts. Just like Freedom Checks offered by Matt Badiali, Burnick recommends companies that would provide high returns on investments. According to Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks provide a way through which average Americans can register consistent financial growth.

Do Not Miss Out on the Legitimate Investment of Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are still available, offering extended opportunity to grab a share of a billion dollar payout. It sounds to good to be true. In a market saturated with more than one scam many would-be investors feel that it is. This is why many still stay away from the lure of freedom checks. The other reason is that most still do not fully understand.

Freedom Checks first gained attention for Matt Badiali’s very popular commercials. In the commercials he promise huge returns in the form of freedom checks. He states that over five hundred businesses are involved in a government program, and that tens of billions of dollars will be available. He does not say that investors will get a billion dollars, just that a billion dollars will be available. He also does not say that this number, well over $60 billion dollars will come from the same place.

Freedom checks are actually master limited partnerships. These are stateside natural resource companies that use government-granted perks to benefit their business. The government program Badiali refers to is a tax mandate that allows MLPs to only be taxed on 10% of their revenue. They accomplish this by dispensing 90% of their revenue to stakeholders. As over 500 companies take part in this, the combined sum total of all their revenue being divvied out adds up to the billions. Freedom Checks: Are They a Scam or the Real Deal?

Some companies may release more money than others, meaning that investors for these companies get less of a return. All of them together equal tens of billions being paid out. This is what Badiali means in his ad, and this is the truth behind Badiali’s investment offering.

A freedom check is a return of capital payment. They come in monthly to quarterly installments, and equal the amount of money invested. The stakes MLPs sell drum up working capital for the business in addition to providing the tax break. They are labeled return of capital because the company is essentially paying the investor back for loaning them funds. Only the funds returned increase based on the businesses success and the market in general. They are closely related to stocks and are just as legitimate.

Why Matt Badiali Says Cannabis Stock Could Be The Next Starbucks

Penn-state educated geologist, and Banyan Hill Investment expert, Matt Badiali publishes hundreds of recommendations, and some of his latest picks include marijuana stocks, which he agrees is the next Starbucks.

In a July tweet, Matt predicts the Marijuana industry will explode, thanks to Canada’s legitimizing in October. Cannabis is already an estimated $6 billion dollar industry, and analyst like Matt Badiali are predicting those numbers to swell, here in the US to $9 billion by 2020. Canada is still a matter of debate.

Analyst estimate profits to be somewhere between $3.5 and $4 billion, which includes pharmaceutical use. Competition in Canada is limited, and up until now, so are crops, but after October, its expected to significantly grow.

Why Invest?

If you take a look at research, comprised in an article by Matt Badiali, Marijuana is a long term profit producer. Badiali reminds us how people were skeptical about over-priced coffee at Starbucks, yet 25 years later stocks are through the roof. As more US states realize the revenue potential, they too will legalize cannabis.

Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. collect between 25 and 40 cents for every dollar spent to buy marijuana. Colorado is a haven for marijuana smokers: sales and consumption have been legal since January 2014. In 2014, Colorado brought in nearly $56 million dollars, and in 2016 that number jumped to more than $200 million. Post legalization, analysts estimate the United States will earn over 20 billion a year by 2025.

State representatives are already looking to legalize cannabis in Vermont, Ohio, Arizona, Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, Montana and North Dakota. Taxes in these states could generate revenue of up to $8 billion dollars. Like any other investment, the marijuana industry is risky, but Matt Badiali says when you consider how the sector is significantly growing, investing is well worth the risk.

Badiali is an analyst and editor at Banyan Hill, and you can keep up to date with his latest recommendations at Banyan Hill Publishing.

To know more click: here.

Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer and founder of the Kerrisdale Capital Management firm. Since it was founded in 2009 Sahm Adrangi has been directly involved in the development of the firm’s aspects. He began the company with less than $1 million but the firm as of July 2017 manages about $150 million.Through his publishing research and short selling, he has managed to share a lot of opinions about the stocks which are greatly misinterpreted by the market.These include the overhyped shorts and under followed longs about the market.The research of Kerrisdale is aimed to correct the widely misplaced facts about the fundamental business prospects of companies. The research is shared on Twitter, Kerrisdale Capital website and other sites of third-party investing.

In 2010 and 2011 Sahm Adrangi became known for exposing Chinese companies that were fraudulent. These included Lihua International, China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics among others. Some of his targets through the Securities and Exchange Commission were subjected to enforcement action by the commission.These were ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance. Sharing research on a wide scale about industries and companies has been the main objective of Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi in the recent years has focused the efforts of the firm in specific areas where Kerrisdale has a lot of expertise developed.This includes the sector of biotechnology where the firm has had the research published about development stage companies. These include Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Unilife and Sage Therapeutics among others. The sector of mining has also been a focus area. Sahm Adrangi questioned the market valuation and mining prospects of several resources companies. These include Northern Dynasty Minerals, First Majestic Silver among others.

Skeptical views and reports have also been published about the telecommunication sector. Some of the companies in this sector include; ViaSat, Dish Network, Straight Path Communications and Globalstar.In 2014 through multiple articles, webcast and live presentation Sahm Adrangi exposed the weaknesses of Terrestrial Low Power Service(TLPS) of Globalstar. This was followed by a series of letters to the FCC and also a meeting. Furthermore, Mr. Adrangi is also an activist in several investments. In 2013 he challenged the management of Lindsay Corporation to maximize capital allocation and cash deployment policies of the company. In addition, in 2014 through a proxy contest, several of Morgans Hotel Group directors were replaced. Two of the directors that came from his slate were elected to office.

Mr. Adrangi has appeared in major publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal among others. He has also been a speaker addressing many conferences such as the Value Investing Conference, The Distressed Debt Investing Conference among many other conferences.


Desiree Perez: A Quiet Force to be Reckoned With

Desiree Perez has been silently infiltrating the music industry for quite some time. She is a COO at Roc Nation and is considered a member of Jay Z’s close inner circle. This is no surprise given her insane success at influencing, creating, and closing deals. Her involvement in a $200 million investment that Sprint made in TIDAL, has thrust her into the spotlight recently. TIDAL is a music streaming service started by Jay-Z and a collective of artists in 2015. Prior to its official release date Sprint allowed one million customers to download Jay Z’s latest album, 4:44, for free which helped Jay earn a platinum plaque for it before the rest of the world even got access to it. Over the past few years, Perez has been a vital part of several such deals. Billboard has even referred to her as “Roc Nation’s Rock” because of how much she has done for the company. .

Prior to the deal with Sprint, some of her most notable dealings were negotiating the Beyonce Formation stadium tour and a deal between Rihanna and Samsung. She is also credited with playing a huge role in helping TIDAL increase its number of subscribers when it was first starting out. Perez is often referred to as a “fierce negotiator” who is great at her job and goes above and beyond to ensure success. She is proof that there are music industry giants both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Without talented people like Desiree Perez working behind the scenes, the industry wouldn’t be as huge as it is.

Learn About Richard Blair; the Founder of Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions, whose headquarters are based in Austin, is an investment advisory firm whose operations are under Registered Investment Advisory firm. The company offers services that allow the clients to grow, guard, and manage their resources. Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a resourceful advisor, and partner who relates well with the clients. Blair and his firm operate under the belief that everybody needs a solid plan if they are to achieve their goals. Thus, the aim of the business is to arm Austin, Texas, community by offering the both management service of wealth and retirement plans to the customers.Learn more : http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions works under an inclusive three pillar approach. Pillar one approach is designed to help clients create their financial roadmap. This is done by identifying the strengths, objectives, risk, and growth opportunities. Blair believes that by helping clients understand where they are coming from, then it will be easy to assist them to forgo a great financial roadmap that they should use. The pillar two approach is designed to develop a long- term strategy, which meets with the investment needs of the clients. The approach is custom made to fit specific needs and investment goals. Wealth Solutions reallocates and manages the property so that they can make sure that they give maximum performance to the client when the market is suitable as well as reducing the impact of the investment of customers during the negative market periods. The third pillar is meeting the insurance needs of the clients that are the long term care, annuities, and life insurance. The approach involves the firm discovering the financial situation of the clients, the retirement needs that they might have and plan to come up with a holistic plan that fits the situation of each client.


About Richard Blair


The idea by Richard Blair to give financial advice to small businesses and individuals came from the teachings of his family. Both his mother and grandmother were teachers, and from them, he learned how teaching not only increase knowledge but also boosts one’s confidence. Putting this in mind and the fact that Blair is fascinated with finance, he joined the investment world in 1993, immediately after college. A year later, he started Wealth Solution The firm offers unbiased advice to the clients without any conflict of interest. Blair keeps up with the latest trends to ensure that he gives the customers the best and ensure that they have successful living after they have retired.Learn More : https://www.wealthminder.com/financial-advisors/TX/bee-cave/richard-blair/326407





Knowing All About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is known all around as the CEO as well as founder of Foresite Capital. It has $1.1 billion in the form of assets under management.

Jim Tananbaum has over 20 years of experience in investing as well as building of healthcare companies. Foresite Capital is not the first company that he founded. He had already co-founded two biopharmaceutical companies before it as well as two investment practices in healthcare.

In an article on Wired, he has studied at the Harvard Medical School. Before he finished his education there, he had founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals. It is a highly successful firm. It was able to bring out two drugs into the market. This was done at the cost of less than $80 million. These drugs are generating over $1 billion in revenues today for the company. Later, GelTex was acquired. This was for $1.6 billion.

Also, Jim Tananbaum founded Theravance, Inc. He is the CEO of this firm. Theravance along with Theravance Biopharma, Inc. today have a combined market cap that exceeds $2.75 billion.

In addition, Jim Tananbaum is a founding partner of various investment firms that include Prospect Venture Partners II and III, as well as Sierra Ventures. He had helped in establishing the investment practice in healthcare services over here. His other investments would include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon as well as Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Jim Tananbaum did his graduation from Yale. He earned his B.S. and B.S.E.E. from there. He earned his M.D. from the Harvard Medical School. He has an M.S. from MIT. Besides, he did his M.B.A from the Harvard Business School.

Jim Tananbaum is on the advisory boards of the Harvard-MIT HST program as well as the President Advisory Counsel of Yale.

He has been named in the Midas List 2017 by Forbes. This is the list of the top tech investors. Jim Tananbaum has made it to this list for the third consecutive year. This Midas List has the top 100 names of those venture capitalists who have managed to create outstanding value for their investors. Jim Tananbaum has been ranked 52 on this list for this year.