Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Achievements and Views on Regenerative Medicine

Cell therapy is one of the most remarkable aspects in the medical field. From blood transfusion, bone marrow transplant to skin grafting, many patients have benefited immensely.

Lives have been saved through these procedures. Cell therapy involves the introduction of healthy and active cells into a dysfunctional or poorly functioning organ. It is one of the most expensive modes of treatment, but due to its value, government budgets have been stretched to facilitate the science. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: https://www.dentevents.com/speaker-profile/dr-cameron–clokie/c12024915

Whereas medical researchers have primarily expounded regenerative medicine, the actual practice of the science has been minimal. It could be mainly blamed on the high costs of therapy as highlighted by Dr. Clokie Cameron, a leading Canadian doctor.

High costs come about from the need to equip hospitals with state of the art facilities and to train staff properly. A revolution in the medical industry has been as a result of the advent of the chip technology. It works by converting cells from one type to another to fully heal the affected organ.

In his immense experience as an oral surgeon and a maxillofacial specialist, Dr. Cameron can boldly defend the science as being a highly vetted lifesaver. Dr. Clokie believes that many benefits can be derived from regenerative medicine despite the cost barrier.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a professor and holds a Ph.D. in Dental Surgery. He is also chief in oral and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur and serves as a Chief Executive Officer on Induce Biologics Inc. His specialty is in musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Bloomberg reveals that having performed a successful jaw reconstruction in Toronto, Dr. Cameron firmly believes in the significant changes that come about in regenerative medicine. He was operated on eight patients in Canada and performed bone regeneration.

Having studied academic dentistry, Dr. Clokie is both a teacher and a well sought after clinician. Dr. Clokie has published many articles and given lectures internationally on regenerative medicine. His famous technique of coaxing jaw bones to grow against the common skeletal clock has given some patients a reason to smile again.

A good example is a surgery he performed to one Peter Russel who initially had a benign tumor that destroyed part of his jaw. He holds influential positions on the boards of several companies.

Furthermore, he is a proud owner of twenty-five U.S patents associated with bone healing. His business acumen has led him to establish valuable links with other businesses.

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