Jeremy Goldstein: With the Knockout Option, Reduce Financial and Managerial Accounting Expenses

The “knockout” stock option is the latest stock option of choice for companies in the U.S. Moreover, “the next big thing” which costs less than a traditional stock option is not what you think is possible for an American company to choose in order to manage its employees, save money, and cut loses.


If any viable solution which affords companies the opportunity to better manage employees and greatly reduce accounting expenses, it is the knockout stock option.



How Can Knockout Options Help Employers?

Recently, many employers have shied away from compensatory stock options which pose three big problems:



  • 1. Any savvy employer can see how hard the plunging price of the stock value is to any employee to exercise his or her stock option.
  • 2. Employers know that providing employees with compensatory stock options can be rendered worthless by an economic recession.
  • 3. Many successful employers understand complex accounting issues associated with compensatory stock options can be detrimental to accounting costs and the bottom line.


The knockout option eliminates the aforementioned problems.


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Jeremy Goldstein, recognized widely as an expert specializing in business law, is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, a boutique law firm where he offers his professional services to compensation committees, CEO’s and management teams in executive compens