Francisco Domenech: An Outstanding Political Leader In Today’s Time

Most people may not know the name of Francisco Domenech but in the world of politics he is well known. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech has become a strong political figure for Puerto Rico and the United States. He has a spent his entire career working in politics and being a philanthropist for his fellow Puerto Ricans.

His political career however start when he was in college. Francisco served throughout his years of college on various political student boards. This experience help to prepare and shape him for the real world politics that he transitioned into after he graduated college. Visit Reporter Expert to know more about Domenech.

From 2005 to 2008 He served as the Director of Office of Legislation in Puerto Rico. From there he went on to serve as a democratic committee member for his country from 2007 to 2012 while simultaneously working with Hillary Clinton in 2008 during her campaigning for president. In 2016 Francisco Domenech assisted Jennifer Gonzalez with her campaign to become the first female resident commissioner to represent Puerto Rico in the United States Congress.

He is not only committed to practicing politics within Puerto Rico but also within the United States as well. He currently holds positions in the US Federal Circuit, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the US Court of International Trade, the District of Columbia and the US Supreme Court.

Even in the mist of his political career and with assisting others to obtain various positions in government, he has still managed to create a company along with his business partner called Politank. Through this company he has been able to utilize its platform to become an even bigger philanthropist. He has a heart of gold and passion for helping others especially those in his Puerto Rican community. Visit:


Betsy DeVos: Empowering Children with Their Education

From the very beginning, the DeVos family has been foundational to the education system in Michigan. Betsy DeVos, who is currently serving as secretary of education for the Trump administration, remembers a time when she had her own children enrolled in the Michigan school system. She remembers speaking with many different parents who felt very uncertain about their children’s standard of education. This uncertainty spurned to them to sacrifice everything to send their children to better schools, where they met Betsy DeVos, and talk about those fears. If these parents were willing to sacrifice so much to send their children to a different institution, then how can anyone say that the public school system is entirely adequate in training America’s youth?


Betsy DeVos does not think so. In fact, she has never thought so and that has spanned her entire career. After she heard the words of these parents, she felt invigorated and motivated to help the change that. First, she participated in an effort to help cover those students costs through a type of scholarship initiative, then she started serving on organizational boards that push for greater types of school choice. While this was her first foray into the world of school choice, it would definitely not be her last. She continues to be the spokesperson for this rapidly evolving movement.


The thing about Betsy DeVos is that when she first began her campaign for the school choice, it was a very taboo subject. People were not interested in changing the way that things were done, they simply wanted their children to go to public school and received the type of education that they also received. The problem is that in many ways this type of education has decreased, meaning that those students are not receiving the standard of education that their parents once received in the very same system. This is a very huge problem, one that Betsy DeVos has been passionate about bringing to the forefront of American minds. There is so much more that parents can do to push for the rights of their children. They themselves may not be aware of their own rights that are being violated by such a lackluster system.


School choice is becoming a more appealing option for parents as time goes on. It is entirely possible that in the coming years it may even grow larger in popularity than sending children into the public-school system. School choice would encompass sending children to anything from a private school to homeschooling them, it is simply placing children in non-traditional school settings or removing them from a school district that they have been assigned to based on nothing more than their ZIP Code. Betsy DeVos believes that this will be what America needs. In order to make America a better type of country, she believes that parents need to start at the foundation of society which is the children. Children should feel as though they are empowered by their education not shackled by it. She will continue to advocate for them.


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