Mix Up Your Reviews

Having your site set up to get reviews from customers can be a very good addition to have. It will increase consumer confidence in what you do and it will give other viewers a snapshot of how good you and your product or service is. You want to try not to get caught in the “Too good to be true” trap though. This is when you edit your reviews so that only the good ones are seen. This is not a very realistic picture as not everyone who does business with you will have a positive experience. No company has ever faced a “problem” like this and consumers know this. So you want to try and keep your reviews as a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Onlinereputationreviews.com suggests what you want to do here that will help boost your reputation is to keep all reviews up whether they sing your praises or put you in the dog house. This will make everything about you; your product and your site look more realistic and more approachable. As you go through your reviews though, take note of what people liked and tailor any future marketing to those particular likes. There are probably many more people who have experience with your product who did not put up a review who will want to do more business with you. Marketing to them would be a wise business move and help keep your reputation as a reputable company that puts the customer first, firmly intact.