Aloha Construction is Awesome!

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated, general contracting business with locations in Bloomington and Lake Zurich, Founded by David Farbaky in 2008, Aloha continually dedicates itself to its clients.


The company provides excellent siding, roofing, gutter repair and installation, and window replacement services. All of its employees are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. With siding, the team can assist with nearly any type of siding including aluminum, stucco, wood, and vinyl. Its roofers go through an intense training course with the Chicago Roofers Association and follow a 12 step process when inspecting a roof to decide what work needs to be done.


In 2017, Aloha Construction won the BBB’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. This prestigious award was made possible through continual client focus and a strong drive for success. What ultimately led to Aloha Construction’s success was its excellent customer service. Houzz and the Porch are filled with positive reviews from satisfied clients who are thrilled to refer people to Aloha Construction. Nobody can stop this awesome team of experienced professionals from going after and achieving their future goals.


In addition, Founder and CEO, Dave Farbaky has continually dedicated himself to the community by sponsoring local sports teams and giving back to charities that support powerful causes, such as Camp one step. Aloha Construction donated nearly $2,000 made possible through their love for giving back to Lake Zurich.


Ultimately, Aloha Construction is the place to go if you have been needing work on your home’s exterior or interior.

The life and career of retired Dr. Saad Saad

As he retires at the age of 72, Dr. SaadSaaad has nothing but contentment in the life he has led career-wise. Dr. SaadSaad leaves the field of pediatric surgery, a field that for a long time he worked in, with a legacy that will live long after him. The Palestine born doctor has had an incredible career despite the many challenges that his family had to face in his early life. However, challenges to Dr. SaadSaad have been a great motivation him and have fueled his success.


Born at a time when Palestine was transforming into Israel, Dr. Saad’s parents had to go through an involuntary relocation from the place they knew as home and start over in a new land. His petroleum mechanic father was able to lead the family through the transition while instilling the importance of education into his children. On one hot day in his youth, Dr. SaadSaad experienced a mild heart stroke while visiting his brother in the oil mining fields. This is the experience that led him to realize that he would be better off working in closed environs in the future hence his choice to partake pediatric surgery as a career.


In 1971, Dr. SaadSaad graduated from the Cairo Medical Hospital. Afterward, he went on to the US and began his quest to become board certified by the United States as a pediatric surgeon. Eventually, Dr. SaadSaad was able to get the certification which was not an easy thing to do at the time making him the only English and Arabic speaking children’s surgeon in the region. He became an exclusive doctor to the Saudi Royals but was allowed to attend to sick Arabic kids. This was his sole occupation until 1989 when he decided to move back to the United States.


Upon his return, Dr. SaadSaad began his practice in New Jersey and also took up constant research on ways to lessen the pain that is involved in the process of surgery and recovery for the young ones. His findings were of a way to perform some procedures without having to make two incisions on a child’s body. He went on to successfully operate on thousands of kids with this method. Dr. SaadSaad has eight very successful children who hold PhDs in surgery, master’s degrees in Engineering and degrees in teaching. Learn more:


Honey Birdette-Get That Spark Back into Your Love Life

Honey Birdette, an Australian lingerie brand has just launched its e-commerce site dedicated to its US customer base to keep up with the demand. The company experienced a 374% increase in just 12 months form its US market and the new site offers free shipping on orders over $50 as well as faster shipping and easier returns.

As seen on their Instagram, Honey Birdette has 55 stores in its native country of Australia and already has three stores in the UK located in London’s Covent Garden, Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and Westfield White City. The store in London’s Covent garden was the very first store that opened outside of Australia. Honey Birdette is expected to expand to a count of 40 stores in the UK including store locations at Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette isn’t stopping there, though, and has its eye on the European market as well.

Honey Birdette did not come to be by accident but rather, the thought of the brand was thought of when two friends were chatting over champagne. It quickly became clear that there just wasn’t an enticing lingerie market and that had to change. And it did. Honey Birdette was born in 2006 and has quickly grown to become very successful and sought-after.

Honey Birdette is all about reigniting that spark in your love life and making the bedroom exciting again. The brand is also all about embracing your intense sexuality and wearing it with pride. There are many different toys and collections to choose from in their boutiques and online stores and there is something everyone, every occasion, and every fantasy from bras to massage candles. They most definitely have it all. You can even sip some champagne as you browse their collection in-store and decide on which new fetish you may get into next.

Find more Honey Birdette on YouTube.